Scooter Ireland Statement

Statement from Scooter Ireland on the New Electric Scooter Law

We at Scooter Ireland welcome the introduction of the new electric scooter law set to take effect next Monday. This legislation marks a significant milestone in the regulation and integration of electric scooters into the daily transport landscape of Ireland. The new law brings much-needed clarity and safety standards, ensuring that electric scooters can be enjoyed responsibly by all users.


Safety and Regulation

The classification of electric scooters as “Powered Personal Transporters” (PPTs) is a crucial step towards recognizing these devices as a legitimate mode of transport. We support the stipulated technical specifications, including the maximum design speed of 25 km/h and a power output cap of 500 W. These measures are designed to enhance safety while allowing users to enjoy the convenience and environmental benefits of electric scooters.


Empowering Responsible Use

We are particularly pleased with the age restriction that mandates riders must be at least 16 years old. This provision will help ensure that only individuals mature enough to handle electric scooters are allowed to use them, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and misuse.


Clear Usage Guidelines

The clear delineation of areas where electric scooters can be used—cycle routes and private land, but not on motorways or busways—will help riders understand where they can operate their scooters legally. Additionally, the local authorities’ ability to enforce lower speed limits in specific areas will further contribute to the safety of all road users.


Enhancing Rider Safety

Mandatory lights on electric scooters and the prohibition of mobile phone or entertainment device use while riding are critical safety measures. These requirements will ensure that riders remain visible and focused, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.


Supporting Enforcement

We commend the new powers granted to the Gardaí to seize and dispose of vehicles used dangerously. This will deter reckless behavior and ensure that electric scooters are used in a manner that is safe for both riders and the public.


A Positive Step Forward

This new law is a positive step towards modernizing Ireland’s transport infrastructure. It aligns with broader efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly modes of transport. At Scooter Ireland, we are committed to supporting these regulations and working with our customers to ensure compliance and safety.


Commitment to Customers

For our valued customers, we will continue to provide electric scooters that meet these new regulatory standards. We are also dedicated to offering guidance and support to help you navigate these changes. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of electric scooters in a safe, legal, and responsible manner.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.