Refurbished Electric Scooters

Are you looking for an electric scooter to travel to and from work or for leisure purposes? Scooter Ireland has a wide range of refurbished electric scooters for you to choose from.

Refurbished electric scooters Ireland wide

Our curated selection is designed to fit all budgets, requirements, and preferences. We only source products from top E-scooter brands such as Xiaomi Scooter, Denver Electronics, Cecotec, Brigmton, Smeco, and Ducati.

Our refurbished range includes electric scooters that have been returned within their designated return period or occasionally used for demonstrations. This simply means that they’re sold with damage to the original packaging.

By offering refurbished products, we’re allowing our customers to purchase a top-quality E-scooter at a much more affordable price. You can rest assured that all our electric scooters undergo safety checks and come with the official brand guarantee intact.

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Benefits of electric scooters

Electric scooters are the transport system of the future and are becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing an electric scooter for your personal or professional needs. Some benefits of electric scooters include:

Element of choice:

Electric scooters come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose a product that perfectly aligns with your needs. Some scooters have different designs, colours and features to suit your personal tastes.

Greater accessibility:

E-scooters offer great manoeuvrability for single riders, making it easier to get around. You can ride along pavements, paths, small roads, and bike lanes with ease!


Electric scooters are an environmentally-friendly mode of transport, using only a small amount of electricity and emitting zero emissions. This leads to better air quality and reduced noise pollution too.


You don’t have to worry about fuel, fees, or insurance costs when it comes to electric scooters. This makes them a more economically viable option when compared to cars or public transport.

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Choose the best refurbished scooter for you

Scooter Ireland aims to operate with complete transparency when it comes to our refurbished scooter range. That’s why we class our products according to an alphabetical system so that you can determine the quality of your product prior to purchasing.
We use the following classes to distinguish between products:

A+ (Perfect)

These products are in perfect condition, with only the original packaging having been opened. In some instances, the packaging is substituted for an alternative that’s in good condition.

A (As new)

These products are in perfect condition. There may be some damage to the original packaging, yet this is minor. The packaging may have also been substituted for alternative packaging.

B (Very Good)

These refurbished scooters are in very good condition, with only slight aesthetic imperfections. The product functions properly, and there may be some damage to the original packaging.

C (Good Condition)

These E-scooters may have some aesthetic imperfections but remain in perfect working condition. The original packaging may have been opened or have some damage.

D (Correct)

These products may have some aesthetic imperfections or may be missing a particular accessory. They remain in perfect working condition, yet the packaging may be opened or damaged.

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Why choose us?

You should choose Scooter Ireland for refurbished electrical scooters because:
• We offer free shopping
• We provide a one-year warranty
• We offer free returns
• Our range includes top-quality brands
• We offer affordable prices