Reflective Vest


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If you are a cyclist, runner, or outdoor enthusiast who often goes out in low-light conditions, then the Reflective Vest is a must-have safety gear for you. This high-visibility vest ensures that you stay visible to motorists, making it safer for you to exercise outdoors in the early morning, after sunset, or in other low-light situations.

The Reflective Vest is not just a regular vest, it’s a technological marvel. It comes with an LED indicator that works as a signal indicator, accentuating your movements while you’re on the road. This vest is lightweight and comfortable, with adjustable straps that fit most body types.

This Reflective Vest uses USB connectivity to charge the LED indicator, and once fully charged, it lasts for hours, keeping you visible throughout your outdoor excursion. With its durable construction, you can be sure that this Reflective Vest will last you a long time.

Below is a table outlining the specifications of the Reflective Vest.

Connections USB
Type Reflective Vest
Characteristics LED Indicator
Functions Signal Indicator

Get your Reflective Vest today and enjoy outdoor activities with peace of mind.

Weight 1.108 kg
Dimensions 33.83 × 20.45 × 39.33 cm