Segway MAX G2 E

Max speed  Max. speed: 25km
Max range Range: Up to 60km
Foldable  Foldable: Yes
Max weight Max weight: 120kg


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Unleash the ultimate urban commuting experience with the Segway MAX G2 E Electric Scooter, available at an unbeatable price. Engineered for premium performance and style, this scooter is designed to elevate your daily rides with cutting-edge features.

Premium Urban Commuting: The Segway MAX G2 E is your ticket to premium urban commuting. Its foldable design ensures convenience and portability, making it ideal for navigating city streets and overcoming daily commuting challenges.

Effortless Charging: Charging your scooter is a breeze with an approximate charging time of 6 hours. Keep your Segway MAX G2 E powered up and ready for your next adventure without long downtimes.

10″ Size for Stability and Maneuverability: Experience stability and maneuverability with the 10″ size of the Segway MAX G2 E. Whether you’re cruising down busy streets or exploring urban landscapes, this scooter provides a comfortable and controlled ride.

Built-in Display for Convenience: Stay informed on your journeys with the built-in display, providing essential information at a glance. Monitor your speed, battery level, and more for a seamless riding experience.

Recommended for Ages 14 and Above: Designed with safety in mind, the  MAX G2 E is recommended for riders aged 14 and above, ensuring a secure and age-appropriate riding experience.

Plug EU for Quick and Easy Charging: Equipped with a Plug EU, the  MAX G2 E ensures quick and hassle-free charging. Keep your scooter ready to roll whenever you need it.

Weight 29.41 kg
Dimensions 105 × 44.3 × 32.37 cm