Segway E2 Plus E

Max speed  Max. speed: 25km
Max range Range: Up to 25km
Foldable  Foldable: Yes
Max weight Max weight: 120kg


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Efficiently navigate through your city with the Segway E2 Plus E Black 300 W Electric Scooter, a brilliant blend of power, comfort, and connectivity. Designed for a seamless urban commute, this scooter boasts a 300W motor that propels it to 25 km/h. Its foldability and water resistance make for smooth travels in any weather.

The scooter incorporates state-of-the-art features like a built-in display, a crowbar, and Bluetooth connectivity for a connected yet effortless ride. With its LED technology, it ensures high visibility during nighttime rides. It’s ideal for both adults and teenagers over 14, with no gender restrictions.

Motor: 300 W
Max Speed: 25 km/h
Features: Foldable, Water-resistant, Built-in display, Crowbar
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Lighting: LED
Battery: Included, 1 Litio Ion
Age: Suitable for 14 years and above
Gender: Unisex
Wheels: Two-wheeler, front wheel drive
Seating: No seat included
IP Rating: IPX4 water resistance

Regardless of owning an “EBE” or individual driving license, the Segway E2 Plus E Black 300 W Electric Scooter ensures a powerful, comfortable, and reliable commute.

Weight 14.4 kg
Dimensions 80 × 107 × 50 cm