Red Bull RB-RTEEN10-75-ES


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Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just a fan of effective and fun transportation, the Red Bull RB-RTEEN10-75-ES Electric Scooter is an unmissable addition to your collection. It embodies advanced technology, streamlined design, and a superior system that offers you a thrilling yet secure riding experience.

This electric scooter comes with a 10″ size, making it compact yet stable. Immensely efficient, it achieves a top speed of 25 km/h and offers an impressive range of 25 km on a single charge. The Red Bull RB-RTEEN10-75-ES is powered by a robust battery with a capacity of 7500 mAh, ensuring consistent performance and longer rides.

Keep in mind, depending on the regulatory policies in your region regarding electric scooters, you may need to pass MOT or TÜV certification to obtain an “EBE” or individual driving license.

Size 10″
Top Speed 25 km/h
Range Approx. 25 km
Battery Capacity 7500 mAh
Type Electric Scooter
Plug Type Plug EU

Choose the Red Bull RB-RTEEN10-75-ES electric scooter for a reliable, convenient, and environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Weight 14.82 kg
Dimensions 169.97 × 44.3 × 32.37 cm