Cecotec 48 V

Max speed  Max. speed: 25km
Max range Range: Up to 55km
Foldable  Foldable: Yes
Max weight Max weight: 120kg


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Experience the epitome of power and performance with the Cecotec 48V Electric Scooter. This cutting-edge electric scooter is engineered for those who demand speed, efficiency, and style in their daily commute.

The scooter boasts a robust 48V voltage system, providing the necessary power to propel you at a top speed of 25 km/h. The 10.5″ size ensures a balanced and stable ride, making it suitable for various terrains.

Featuring a built-in display, the Cecotec 48V Electric Scooter keeps you informed about your speed, battery life, and essential details for a seamless riding experience. With a weight of approximately 25 kg, it strikes a perfect balance between portability and durability.

Designed to accommodate a maximum weight of 120 kg, this electric scooter ensures inclusivity, catering to a diverse range of riders. The Plug EU compatibility makes charging convenient and hassle-free.

Important Note: To unlock the full potential of this electric scooter, ensure proper registration or pass the MOT or TÜV for an “EBE” or individual driving license. Compliance with safety regulations enhances your riding experience and ensures a smooth journey every time.

Unleash unmatched power and performance with the Cecotec 48V Electric Scooter – where innovation meets affordability. Secure yours at an unbeatable price and redefine your urban commuting experience.

Weight 14.41 kg
Dimensions 84.66 × 47.52 × 36.33 cm