Youin BK1002 AMSTERDAM 250 W 25 km/h


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Dive into the future of commuting with the Youin BK1002 AMSTERDAM Electric Bike. Ideal for tech enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of innovation and functionality, this powerful 250 W bike offers an impressive maximum speed of 25 km/h. Worried about battery life? Don’t be. Its robust power management system delivers an estimated autonomy of 30-35 km on a full charge. And with the maximum supported weight of 125 kg, it’s fit for just about anyone.

The 20″ Youin Electric Bike isn’t just about raw performance. It’s foldable, letting you conveniently store it post-trip or take it along on your own ventures. The convenient LCD screen offers real-time tracking of speed, battery, and distance for a smooth, informed ride. This bike is fully equipped with a plug, providing you with a hassle-free charging experience.

Specification Detail
Type Electric Bike
Power 250 W
Max Speed 25 km/h
Max supported Weight 125 kg
Approx. Autonomy 30-35 km
Features Foldable, LCD Screen
Size 20″
Product with plug Yes

Experience eco-friendly travel without compromising on technology or style with the Youin BK1002 AMSTERDAM 250 W 25 km/h Electric Bike.

Weight 25.39 kg
Dimensions 120.6 × 42.9 × 52.7 cm