Alfa Romeo MTBFULL292M-K 250 W 25 km/h Bike


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Embrace the future now with the Alfa Romeo MTBFULL292M-K Electric Bike. These are not just for those fascinated by IT and electronics, but also for those who crave for innovating and advanced technology. This dynamic ride promises to redefine your travel with its superior performance and sleek design. With an unbeatable 250 W power and a remarkable speed of 25 km/h, it’s more than just a typical e-bike.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or weekend adventurer, this electric bike offers an impressive approximate autonomy of 45-70 km, perfect for your short travels or long discovery rides. It is equipped with an EU plug and supports up to a maximum weight of 120 kg. Plus, it’s a product plug type that guarantees secure and efficient charging.

Ride with comfort and pride with Alfa Romeo MTBFULL292M-K Electric Bike, designed to exceed expectations while delivering unparalleled performance and quality.

Specifications Alfa Romeo MTBFULL292M-K Electric Bike
Product with Plug: Yes
Type of Plug: Plug EU
Max. Supported Weight: 120 kg
Power: 250 W
Speed: 25 km/h
Approx. Autonomy: 45-70 km
Weight 25.39 kg
Dimensions 120.6 × 42.9 × 52.7 cm