Alfa Romeo Black 250 W 25 km/h

The Alfa Romeo Electric Bike, sleek black in colour, boasts a 250 W motor, a top speed of 25 km/h, and an adjustable height. It has approximately 45-70 km autonomy and supports a maximum weight of 120 kg.


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For those who are deeply in love with IT and electronics and always want to stay updated with technological advancements, the Alfa Romeo Electric Bike in a sleek Black finish is a perfect choice. Not only does it sport a powerful 250 W motor, it boasts a top speed of a blistering 25 km/h, providing the thrill you seek in your rides. The bike’s exceptional autonomy ranges between 45-70 km, ensuring you’ve got plenty of distance to cover in a single charge.

You won’t have to worry about charging hassles either, as it comes complete with a Plug EU. It’s built sturdy, with a maximum supported weight capacity of 120 kg. As an electric bike, it brings efficiency, speed, and power at your fingertips. It comes in an elegant black colour, matching your style and personality. Furthermore, the bike’s height can be conveniently adjusted to your preference, offering a comfortable ride.

Power 250 W
Speed 25 km/h
Approx. Autonomy 45-70 km
Plug Type Plug EU
Max. Supported Weight 120 kg
Type Electric Bike
Colour Black
Characteristics Adjustable Height
Weight 25.39 kg
Dimensions 120.6 × 42.9 × 52.7 cm