Shimano Ex7 Orange/Black Cycling Shoes


Step up your cycling game with the stylish and high-quality Cycling shoes Shimano Ex7 Orange/Black. These shoes integrate a vibrant orange and black color scheme that is certain to get you noticed. With a trendy leatherette material, these shoes offer a unique combination of style, durability, and comfort. Crafted to fit both men and women, these unisex shoes are specifically intended for adult users.

The Shimano Ex7 Orange/Black shoes are not merely designed for aesthetics but they are purpose-built for the serious cyclist. The shoes facilitate a high performance due to their close-to-the-pedal positioning, thus aiding in a smooth and efficient cycle ride. The essential nature of our shoes lies in their capacity to maximize your strength in every pedal stroke. So, buckle up and get ready to make every cycle count. Gear up for the best sporting experience with Cycling shoes Shimano Ex7 Orange/Black!

Specification Details
Material Leatherette
Type Cycling shoes
Colour Orange/Black
Gender Unisex/Adults Unisex
Recommended Age Adults
Weight N/A
Dimensions 10.76 × 26.8 × 11.73 cm
Foot Size