Helmet 8434127011960 LED White


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For the modern and tech-savvy user, the Cover for Electric Scooter Youin 8434127011960 LED White answers all your needs. This contemporary piece of gadget utility boasts functionality and style, all wrapped in one.

Designed with superior flexibility, this cover offers an adjustable fit, providing compatible usage for a range of electric scooter models. The standout feature is the integration of LED technology, enhancing visibility with a powerful white radiance. Enhanced with an approval mark for standards compliance and a wireless connection for ultimate convenience, this cover forms a holistic package.

One innovative feature to note is its rechargeable battery, providing long-standing performance. Outfitted with a USB port, the device allows for convenient connectivity. Swift operation is ensured by the Android 4.0 operating system, while the lightweight design at approximately 250g, increases portability.

Here are the device’s specs at a glance:

Feature Specification
Type Rechargeable Battery
Colour White
RAM Memory 1 GB RAM
Connections USB
Technology LED
Approx. weight 250 g
Operating System Android 4.0
Release Year 2022
Recommended Use Motorcycle

Upgrade your riding experience today with the Cover for Electric Scooter Youin 8434127011960 LED White!

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 27 cm