Reebok RK-HFREEMTV01M-R Red Cover


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Ensure your electric scooter is always protected with this strikingly Red Cover for Electric Scooter Reebok RK-HFREEMTV01M-R. Known for its high-quality and durability, this cover embodies the latest release in the sports sector. Its vibrant red colour is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it provides exceptional protection to your precious scooter.

Besides its fashionable design, it comes with an adjustable feature, accommodating scooters of different dimensions. This makes it the perfect partner for your vehicle, offering protection against environmental elements and wear and tear. This cover is a one size fits all, adhering to the need of most scooter riders.

This cover is recommended for unisex adult use, making it a universally desired product. Enjoy a healthy life with this indispensable piece of equipment, and do so at the best price on offer!

Specifications Details
Characteristics Adjustable
Size One size
Type Cover for Electric Scooter
Recommended use Unisex adult
Colour Red
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 18.5 cm