Helmet Lumos Ultra


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Helmet Lumos Ultra

The Lumos Ultra Helmet is the latest innovation in bike safety gear, offering unparalleled protection and convenience. Designed to work with most bike helmets, the Lumos Ultra Helmet is both lightweight and comfortable, with an intuitive design that makes it easy to use.

The Lumos Ultra Helmet is equipped with an advanced LED light system that is powered by a rechargeable battery. This system can be used to increase visibility at night or in low light conditions, making it a great choice for cyclists who often ride after dark. The LED lights can be set to a steady or flashing mode, making it easy to customize your visibility.

The Lumos Ultra Helmet is built with a high-impact foam inner shell that is both durable and reliable. It boasts an adjustable head strap and chin guard, both of which have been designed for optimal comfort. The chin guard also provides additional protection from wind, dirt, and debris.

The helmet is also equipped with a water-resistant and breathable outer shell that is designed to keep your head cool and dry in even the hottest weather conditions. The Lumos Ultra Helmet is an essential piece of safety gear for any cyclist, offering premium protection and convenience.

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