Helmet Lumos Ultra


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Helmet Lumos Ultra

The Helmet Lumos Ultra is the latest in ultra-durable, lightweight helmet technology. This sleek and modern design not only looks great, but it also offers incredible protection and comfort. The helmet is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit that won’t move around on your head even in the roughest of conditions. The outer shell is made of a lightweight, impact-resistant material and the interior is lined with a high-grade foam to absorb shock and vibration while providing excellent ventilation. The Lumos Ultra also features an adjustable chin strap, a removable visor and a reflective strip on the back for increased visibility in low-light conditions. This helmet is ideal for cyclists, mountain bikers, commuters, and anyone else looking for a top-of-the-line helmet without compromising on quality or comfort. With superior protection and a stylish design, the Helmet Lumos Ultra is an excellent choice for any cyclist.

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Dimensions 69.85 × 53.34 × 39.37 cm