Helmet Lumos Matrix 56-61 cm


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Helmet Lumos Matrix 56-61 cm

The Lumos Matrix 56-61 cm Helmet is a unique, industry-leading cycling helmet that offers exceptional protection and convenience for cyclists of all ages and abilities. This helmet features a sleek, aerodynamic design, with an outer shell and internal padding to absorb shock and reduce impact on the head. The Matrix is designed to fit a variety of head sizes, with an adjustable dial at the back of the helmet allowing the user to easily customize the fit.

The helmet meets all safety requirements, offering superior protection and visibility in all conditions. It is equipped with a bright LED light at the front, which can be activated with a simple push of the button, giving cyclists improved visibility and safety when riding in the dark. The LED light also has 3 flashing settings, allowing the user to customize the light intensity to their liking.

The Matrix also features a built-in audio system, allowing cyclists to listen to music or take phone calls, hands-free. This audio system is connected to a small microphone located near the ear, which picks up the user’s voice and allows them to make phone calls or listen to music with no hassle. The headphones are also designed to be waterproof, allowing cyclists to ride in the rain without worrying about their audio system getting wet.

The Matrix also features a number of other features, such as an adjustable chin strap and a removable visor, as well as an integrated mount system, allowing cyclists to attach a variety of accessories to their helmet. In addition, this helmet is lightweight, comfortable and stylish, making it suitable for all types of cycling.

Overall, the Lumos Matrix 56-61 cm Helmet offers cyclists superior protection, convenience and comfort. Its sleek design, adjustable fit and built-in audio system make it the perfect choice for any cyclist looking for a safe and enjoyable ride.

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