Helmet Lumos LHEMXBK15-A0


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Helmet Lumos LHEMXBK15-A0 Black Multi-use

The Helmet Lumos LHEMXBK15-A0 Black Multi-use is a highly versatile and lightweight helmet ideal for any rider looking for a reliable and comfortable head protection solution.This helmet is designed to offer superior protection from a range of impacts, from minor bumps and bruises to full-on collision protection. The construction of this helmet is made from ABS plastic, making it a strong and durable option that can handle the rigors of the trails and the roads.

The Lumos Helmet comes equipped with a wide range of features to ensure maximum comfort and safety during any ride. The padding on the interior of the helmet is made from soft and breathable foam, designed to keep your head cool and comfortable while protecting it from potential impacts. It also features an adjustable size system with three adjustable straps to accommodate different head sizes. Additionally, the helmet is ventilated with 12 air vents which help reduce sweating and keep your head cool on those hot summer days.

The Lumos Helmet also features an integrated rain-guard, designed to protect your face from rain and wind. This is a great feature for those rainy days when you need extra protection from the elements. It also features a reflective finish to ensure maximum visibility, perfect when riding in early morning or late evening.

The Lumos Helmet is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable helmet that offers superior protection from a range of impacts. Its lightweight construction and adjustable size system make it a great choice for any rider. With its integrated air-vents and rain-guard, the Lumos Helmet is perfect for any occasion and any rider.

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Dimensions 26 × 18 × 21.5 cm