Reebok RK-HMTBMV50M-B Adult’s Cycling Helmet

The Reebok RK-HMTBMV50M-B is a lightweight, adult-sized matte black cycling helmet featuring a secure, easy adjustment system and efficient airflow vents.


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Keep fit and enjoy the thrill of outdoor adventures with the Reebok RK-HMTBMV50M-B Adult’s Cycling Helmet! This high-performance helmet is the latest release in the sporting sector, guaranteeing an enhanced recreational and competitive cycling experience. The lightweight and sturdy design assures both comfort and safety to cyclists. It has been meticulously engineered with cutting-edge features to offer the best head protection for adult cyclists.

The Reebok RK-HMTBMV50M-B Helmet is equipped with a reliable and easy-to-use adjustment system for a secure fit. The efficient vent design ensures excellent airflow, keeping you cool during intensive biking sessions. The attractive matte black finish adds an elegant touch to the protective gear. Embrace a healthy lifestyle by incorporating cycling into your daily regimen with the assurance of the premium headgear to guarantee safe rides.

Specifications Details
Brand Reebok
Size Adults
Weight Lightweight
Color Matte Black
Adjustment System Easy-to-use
Vents Efficient airflow design
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 18.5 cm