Reebok Adult’s Cycling Helmet RK-HMTBMV50L-B

The Reebok RK-HMTBMV50L-B is a lightweight, adjustable adult cycling helmet, combining superior protection, optimal airflow, and sleek design for ultimate comfort and style.


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Introducing the new frontier in sports safety – the Adult’s Cycling Helmet Reebok RK-HMTBMV50L-B. Built with the discharge of sports enthusiasts in mind, and accentuated with the best of Reebok’s engineering prowess, this helmet is second to none. The superior design of this helmet ensures optimal protection and comfort, enabling you to enjoy cycling with the least worry.

Reebok’s RK-HMTBMV50L-B comes with a solid, but lightweight structure, allowing for long hours of cycling without strain; incorporating a ‘made-to-measure’ blueprint, conforming seamlessly to your head’s natural fit. This helmet also offers excellent ventilation, ensuring that you stay cool all through your cycling sessions.

At peculiarity with its superior protective features, this helmet combines functionality with finesse. Reebok’s RK-HMTBMV50L-B is iconic, with an unrivalled aesthetic appeal that sets it apart. Don’t just cycle, do it in style, safety, and comfort with the new Reebok RK-HMTBMV50L-B adult’s cycling helmet for a guaranteed wholesome cycling experience.

Brand Reebok
Type Adults’ Cycling Helmet
Weight Lightweight
Fit Adjustable
Ventilation Optimal Air Flow
Design Sleek, Professional
Special Feature Superior head protection
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 28 × 18 cm