Helmet Dunlop 51-55 cm S


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Helmet Dunlop 51-55 cm S

The Dunlop 51-55 cm S Helmet is an innovative and stylish piece of head protection for any rider. The lightweight design and durable construction make it perfect for long days out on the road. The aerodynamic shape cuts through the wind and increases overall stability, reducing head fatigue. The adjustable fit system and ventilated interior ensure a comfortable and snug fit for all riders.

The shell is made from ABS plastic, making it highly resistant to impact and providing superior protection from unexpected bumps and collisions. The design also features a soft, padded lining that moulds to the shape of the head for enhanced comfort. The adjustable strap system allows for a perfect fit, while the adjustable air vents keep the helmet cool and dry during long rides.

The helmet also includes a visor which provides extra protection against wind, rain, and debris. The visor also reduces glare, allowing riders increased visibility and improved safety. The Dunlop 51-55 cm S Helmet is a great choice for any rider looking for a stylish and protective helmet that won’t break the bank. It provides superior protection and comfort, making it perfect for any journey.

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Dimensions 55 × 55 × 10 cm