Scooter Ireland specializes in a wide range of electric scooters and accessories, catering to different needs and preferences. Our brand portfolio includes B-Mov, Cecotec, Denver Electronics, Jeep, Logicom, Navee, Niu, Olsson, Olsson & Brothers, Red Bull, Segway, Skate Flash, Smartgyro, Sparco, Xiaomi, Youin, and Zwheel.

At Scooter Ireland, our goal is to ensure you are thoroughly satisfied with your purchase. If you need to return an item, we have outlined a clear and straightforward process on our Refund and Returns page. We encourage customers to review these guidelines to understand how to proceed with a return.

Regarding warranties, all products sold by Scooter Ireland come with a 2-year warranty provided directly by the manufacturer. This warranty is your safeguard against any manufacturing faults, offering peace of mind with your purchase. If you encounter any issues with your product, we recommend contacting the manufacturer initially for resolution.

We understand the importance of support in these instances. Should you face difficulties in communicating with the manufacturer or if additional assistance is needed, Scooter Ireland is here to help. We will act as an intermediary, ensuring that your concerns are addressed efficiently and effectively by the manufacturer. This commitment to customer service highlights our dedication to ensuring your satisfaction and trust in our offerings.

Currently, Scooter Ireland does not offer in-house maintenance or repair services. We recommend referring to the manufacturer’s guidance for service and support.

At this time, Scooter Ireland does not offer standing promotions, loyalty programs, or discounts for repeat customers. However, we strive to provide competitive pricing and value to all our customers.

While Scooter Ireland does not currently participate in or sponsor local events, meetups, or community rides, we are always exploring ways to engage with our community and support the scooter enthusiast culture.

Scooter Ireland is pleased to offer free delivery on all items, with products shipped from our European delivery centre based in Spain. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. While we primarily serve customers within the EU, please contact us for inquiries regarding international shipping options.