Electric scooter buyer's guide

Whether you’ve never owned an electric scooter before, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing model of scooter, it’s important to understand all the ins and outs of owning a scooter. In this electric scooter buyer’s guide, you’ll find everything you need to know.

Electric scooters have become popular with lots of people in recent times – and for good reason. They offer a nippy and fun way to get out and about.

Electric scooter explained

First things first, what is an electric scooter? Essentially, it looks very much like a standard scooter, but it comes with a motor that moves the scooter along – so you don’t have to do the hard work!

The motor is usually lightweight and small and is attached to either one of the wheels, or sometimes both of them. A battery powers the motor, which is charged up via the mains.

There are lots of different styles of electric scooters with different features and various price points, so it’s worth taking your time to discover what kind of scooter is the right one for you.

What speeds can electric scooters reach?

A throttle on the handlebars of the scooter controls the speed, and how fast you can go will largely depend on the power output of the battery and the motor. Generally speaking, the top speed for most electric scooters works out around 15mph, but higher powered models can reach speeds of up to 30mph.

When choosing an electric scooter, find out what the top speeds are for any model you’re interested in. This is especially important if children will be using it, as they’ll need to be adequately protected.

How far will an electric scooter take me?

Again, how long you can use an electric scooter before it needs charging up will mainly depend on the battery power of the scooter. If you want to use your electric scooter to cover long distances, then it’s worth choosing a battery that can offer you the juice you need to keep going. The smaller the battery, the less output your scooter will deliver. But, it’s also worth noting that certain conditions can drain a battery quicker, such as riding uphill. You’ll also manage to get more mileage from your electric scooter if you select a slower mode and only use the throttle in small bursts.

Features and factors to consider when scooter shopping

Assess what it is you want from your electric scooter, how you intend to use it and what features you’d like it to have. The following aspects should be considered when making your decision.

Distance covered

Are you planning on using the scooter for pootling around town or maybe for longer distances, such as commuting to and from work? Think about how far you need the scooter to go on a single battery charge. Inevitably, you’ll pay more for a bigger battery that goes further than a smaller one, but if money is tight all isn’t lost. You could purchase a less powerful battery and only use the throttle when you need to, relying on your legwork some of the time.

Specs and features

Do you want a scooter that is all-singing-and-all-dancing or one with just the basic features? Either way, check out the specs of a scooter to make sure it offers you exactly what you need. For instance, if you intend to use the electric scooter off-road, choose one with a decent suspension and chunky tyres for maximum comfort and a smooth ride. Good brakes will also be important, especially if you’re after a speedy scooter.

Speed considerations

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you might be looking for an e-scooter with the top speeds, in which case choose a model that comes with a powerful motor. Safety is an important consideration, however, so if a nippy scooter is what you’re after, it’s worth investing in a helmet and other protective equipment.

Weight matters

When choosing a scooter, make sure that the model you’re interested in is suitable to bear the weight of the user. Each scooter comes with a maximum recommended weight, so it’s essential to adhere to this. Otherwise, it might put the rider at risk and could cause damage to the scooter.

Importance of safety

Being seen when you’re out and about on your electric scooter is essential, especially if you plan to ride it in the dark. Therefore, get some lights and reflectors for the scooter, as well as a helmet.


One of the most important factors when choosing an e-scooter is your budget. Prices vary, so what you can expect to pay depends on what model and features you want your scooter to have. Budget-friendly electric scooters will offer the basics, so are a great choice if you’re after a fun way to get about. More expensive options will include a full suspension, chunky tyres and a powerful battery, so are ideal for those who want more from their scooter. You could also consider a refurbished electric scooter, which is much more affordable and ofter their little to know the difference in quality.


Whatever type of e-scooter you choose, it’s important to keep it in good condition so it will perform well and enjoy a long lifespan. Regular cleaning and oiling of the wheels and moving parts is key.

Look after the battery and motor, and never dismantle them from their casings. Always store the battery at room temperature in a dry place, when not in use. If you leave the battery in the motor for extended periods of time without being used, it could cause damage to the battery.

If any parts of the scooter become worn, such as through heavy use, make sure to get them replaced immediately.


Scooter Ireland’s top-selling scooters

Xiaomi 1S Black

Sleek and contemporary in style, the Xiaomi 1S Black is one of the world’s best sellers. Boasting cutting-edge pneumatic tyres for a comfortable ride, this functional scooter lets you reach speeds of over 18mph. Safety is also taken care of with this scooter, thanks to its impressive light system and a handy enhanced LED display that shows you how fast you’re going and how far, as well as the battery power. Access to smart technology also means you have a range of features at your disposal to enhance your riding experience.

Xiaomi MI SCOOTER 3 Black

Perfect for those adults who want an e-scooter that offers all of the latest high-tech features, the Xiaomi MI SCOOTER 3 Black will make a winning choice. As well as being stylish in design, this sleek scooter weighing 18kg boasts a generous power of 600W and can hit top speeds of 25km/h. Powerful and sturdy, this scooter continues to be a popular choice with those new to scooting as well as experienced scooter riders seeking a reliable and affordable model upgrade.

Most scooters at our Irish-owned business come with a 2-year warranty. You can also expect great value for money, excellent customer service and fast delivery when you purchase your next electric scooter from Scooter Ireland.